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Etsuko Fuzuki - Tokyo: Drawings, Printings and Installations

(in Zusammenarbeit mit Millennium J-Project, Tokyo und Galerie Marquardt Projekte, Muenchen)

When I saw her prints, the first thing that came to mind was: How pure and gentle they are.? And they were so brilliant. Even on a small Mezzotint print she is able to express a huge wide world.
She had a serious illness 8 years ago, which almost cost her life. The death of her father, when she was 25 years old, also precipitated a serious contemplation of life and death. The Buddhist concept of Rinnetensho (reincarnation) means life and death come in turns and keep repeating. I think she felt herself freshly reborn 8 years ago. This change made her love life of all kinds more than ever and embrace it more tenderly with respect and wonder.

The prints are so honest. She shows herself as if saying: ?This is me at this very moment!? They are so sympathizing and evocative for many of us. On the way home from her exhibition, while crossing a pedestrian bridge, I paused and looked up at the stars for a while. I don?t know why?a part of the magic of her prints.

Hiroko Ono

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